Here’s our first Q&A with future funk record label Keats//Collective
MM: Who or what is Keats // Collective?
K//C:  K//C is run by me and mike. Essentially, the idea is power in numbers. But for broad purposes, we are a collective of artists all centered around the same general aesthetic and stylistic direction.
MM: Tell us the brief history of your label?
K//C: I wanted to make compilations with friends and I felt like I had a good feel for choosing artists – sound direction, that sort of thing. I asked a friend who’s a designer, Say Keats, if she would help and she did. I moved and continued the project on my own. Soon, I started asking for the help of artists on the label, and they were happy to help. KEV//BOT is a good friend of mine, we became close right when I was starting the project, so he has been helpful.
MM: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
K//C: My personal musical influences could go on for days – but Ed Banger Records was a big influence in the beginning of K//C. Non-musical influences for me and mike mostly revolves around people in the advertising industry. We really like the work Victors & Spoils are doing – we love Anthem Branding, Sukle Ad & Design, Factory Design Labs. Again – we could go on for days.
MM: What kind of sound you look in a track or an artist?
K//C: Hard to put a finger on it, you know? sometimes I am struck by the technicality of sampling or how the drums/song was arranged. Othertimes, there is just this unexplainable vibe that draws you in. In terms of technicality, PIER.POINT is really impressive. In terms of hit-you-in-the-gut vibes, ERNST JR knows that game better than most. Overall, we are looking for future funk, slow disco tracks.
MM: Pizza or Hamburgers?
K//C: ….cant it be both?
MM: The Keats catalogue has a long list of producers, Where are they based? K//C: Everywhere. I can’t keep up with it – it’s crazy. We do have a “core” of artists here in Colorado though – PIER.POINT, ERNST JR, DINOSAURUS REXCROWNS,
KEV//BOT – these dudes are all in the immediate friend group.
(CROWNS at The Deer Pile)
MM: Baseball imagery are very present on the Keats look & feel, tell us about it.
K//C: we wanted to do something that had nothing to do with the typical aesthetic that surrounds dance music. No lasers and DJs wearing big studio headphones. No “gloss” no “glam”. Fuck all of that shit.  We are interested in 50s and 60s American culture and we felt like that was a good place to start finding our niche. Trying to do more of a “rock & roll” feel. But now it’s just fun to make baseball puns.
MM: What are the biggest obstacles for the label?
K//C: Creating a consistent product is one of the hardest things. Especially when working with such a large collective of artists – everyone is moving in different directions. Separating yourself from the clutter and presenting our brand’s value is tricky, too. Oh and organization/deadlines are always difficult for me.
MM: What’s new for Keats Collective this year?
K//C: Volume 5 freshman releases from PIER.POINT and ERNST JR. Full length releases from Rollergirl and CROWNS. We are going to be implementing a new weekly installment (along-side Future Funk Friday) and we are going to start a monthly live video installment soon as well. Also, expect more K//C live showcases. Lots of big things on the way
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PIER.POINT at the Deer Pile