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Before you read this Q&A i highly suggest you to hit the play button in the player above, and btw they are all free to download!

MM: Who is Emil Rottmayer?

ER: I’m an electronic music producer from the UK.
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MM: Describe your sound
ER: Electronic with a hint of 80’s.
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MM: What are your non-musical influences?
ER: My friends,family..just life.
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MM: What are your musical influences?
ER: I listen to a lot of music from soundtrack to 70s and 80s and everything on social networking websites – it all influences me in some way or another.
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MM: How is a regular day in your life?
ER: I work full time and make music any chance i get
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(Real photos of Emil Rottmayer at work)
MM: Favorite food?
ER: Sea food
MM: Name 4 songs that everyone needs to listen
ER: Tangerine Dream – Rubycon, Pt. 1 (Excerpt)

Tycho – Spectre (Bibio Remix)

Nils Frahm – Says

Trentemøller – Moan (Trentemøller Remix)

MM: Digital or analog?
ER: I’ve always made music on PC up till now but ive have just picked up a Juno 60 so will see how that goes – it sounds great!
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MM: Linndrum or 707?
ER: I’ve only used samples :/…love both
MM: What’s your favorite piece of equipment?
ER: Genelec Monitors
MM: Whats next for Emil Rottmayer?
ER: I will keep putting out tracks and EP’s for now, maybe a new mix-tape soon 🙂