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‘Dancer On The Shore’ is Lemonade in their most classic form, gazing upon natural vistas, delighting in world rhythms and sailing upon windswept harmonies.  An antithesis to the “blue screen alienation that comes with internet totality“, as Lemonade put it, “and increasingly free of the noise and nausea of nowness“, it encourages listeners towards a world where technology doesn’t hold dominion, and people and nature align in harmony.

Twining the sun-bleached vocals of Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls in with the understated grandeur of Callan Clendenin’s voice, it results in a 4-minute escape with promises of zen restoration.

Drawing its detail from the motifs of classical Greek mythologies like the Hesperides – the collective name for the nymphs of the evening that dance in the golden light of sunset – ‘Dancer On the Shore’ is an esoteric invitation to end the summer in a state of lush texture and stolen moments spent daydreaming.