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DF: DEATHFACE is currently only me, it did start as a collaboration with one of my rave idols kid entro, now known as violet systems, and then changed as I decided I wanted to take a more digital hardcore slant by recruiting my friend Adri Law (who takes really good photos, look her up), more recently I’ve just taken to collaborating with other friends of mine on vocals (kanga, pictureplane, tamara sky, megan thomas) as finding someone who is geographically close to me to work and rehearse with has proven to be difficult after my last singer decided she wanted to live the simple life in rural missouri (shouts to demi)
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MM: Tell us a brief story about you?
DF: the last illegal loft party i threw in chicago ended in a massive police raid with the building completely surrounded by police where I only got away by hiding in an elevator shaft until the cops left, an extremely ridiculous event complete with the elevator door being jammed open as cops poured into the main room with me managing to slam it shurt with the cops 15 feet away running towards me , a month later I moved to LA to get away from the heat.
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MM: What is Health Goth and what it means right now?
DF: essentially, black minimal sportswear, what it means to me and others actively involved in it is actually doing physical activities whilst wearing said black sportswear.
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MM: Who invented Health Goth?
DF: who invented the first LOLcat? thats what you might as well be asking since it basically started as a meme and some will dispute that putting two words together and stealing images from the internet and posting them on a blog means something but the reality of the situation is that in order to have a culture, you have to actually create content, no matter how pretentious you try to be about “curating” a tumblr.
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MM: What kind of music is related with this movement?
DF: i’d say anything with goth in the name of it would imply that music associated with the movement would have to be dark.
 MM: What inspires you in order to design a t-shirt or art?DF: DIY culture, why spend x amount of dollars supporting a multi national multi national corporation when you can create something of your own?
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MM: Does fashion defines a music genre or vice-versa ?
DF:  I think they are intrinsically tied together, for the longest time people would call a trend something and it would have a musical genre directly linked to it, disco, punk,new wave, hip hop, house, grunge, rave, electroclash, nu rave etc. some people might say, well, i shouldnt have to dress a certain way to listen to a music and thats fine, though if you’re doing the reverse, well, theres a word for that and it starts with a p and ends with an r.
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MM: Tell us about the Soft Leather events?
DF: soft leather is a collaboration between myself, zain curtis of teen witch fan club, and david beltran of starfoxx.  chicago was going through a severe drought of quality non edm douchebag events and I approached them with the idea of working together, since the events that they were doing were the only events i actually enjoyed attending when I moved back, infact at the last soft leather, david hugged me while visibly rolling and thanked me for making us all work together because “chicago sucked for the past 5 years” (haha gotcha dave).
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MM: What’s your thoughts on Michael Alig being out of prison?
DF: same thing I think about charles manson, oh great, you glorify someone who brutally killed someone for drugs, thats cool, oh but he dressed crazy and threw cool parties so lets overlook that, nah.
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MM: Tell us about the use of sports logos and the esoteric?
DF: i think its cool to reappropriate (read: steal) logos and images as long as its done in an interesting way, same with the esoteric, i dont believe in any mystical bullshit but I am well versed in the schools of thought behind them, in the end, as long as its aesthetically pleasing, im cool with it.
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MM: How do you think people would dress in 2034?
DF: considering the fact that bros have dressed the same for over a decade there will probably still be people wearing khaki cargo shorts in 20 years and some fucking awful super diluted version of “grunge”, probably called “ultra baby soft grunge”.
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MM: Tell us about your street wear line and where to buy it?

DF: going back to the DIY culture I was talking about, instead of going out and buying a $40 nike compression shirt or $110 soccer jersey, I decided to make it myself.  It started up as a mockup i uploaded on instagram a few months ago but it got such a big response that I decided to actually produce them, along with a few other designs and they’re selling very well, you can get em at www.healthgoth.com, nothing in brick and mortar establishments yet.
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MM: Name 5 songs who defines Health Goth, if any ?
Nitzer ebb – Murderous (OG healthgoth)

Vitalic – La Rock

Musical Mob – Pulse X

The Hacker – Flesh & Bone

Deathface feat Kanga – Call to the Grave

MM: You are been talking for a while about the death of subculture and the internet, are you afraid that some celebrity steal the Health Goth look and feel for a video or something?  
DF: if your “subculture” only exists as a look I pity you for being so deprived of actual subculture that thats what you call a subculture
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What’s next for DEATH FACE this year?

DF: #healthgoth #gainz maybe another record if i can find time between trying different flavors of protein powder