Yocto is a clone of the famous Roland TR-808 with a modern sequencer with some additionalfeatures such as the ability to mute each instruments or a rollmode. The analog part of Yocto is based on the original TR-808 schematic. The names of the components on the circuit Yocto match those of the originalschematic you can find here.

yocto-complet-kit-tr-808-clone-tr808 (1)

The kit includes two circuits (main circuit with the sounds and the sequencer and IO_board with 11 separate outputs, 2 trigger, Midi IN OUT THRU input / output Din SYNC24 and power) wioth all components to assemble the kit . The original components such as AN6912 or the HD14584 are included in the kit. The only difference compared to the TR-808 is the BA662, VCA Clap has been replaced by the modern equivalent BA6110. The sequencer was completely redesigned to increase its possibility. That there is not in the kit: the power transformer you are not provided. You need a transformer 15VAC1000mA or 16VAC 1000mA you can find here or at your electronics dealer . The acrylic box is not included either, but you can make with Ponoko or Formulor for fifty euro. The price depends on the material you want to use for your box. You can download the *.EPS Design of the box and modify it ifyou wish with Illustrator or Inkscape (free software). There is a excellent tutorial on how to modify or create your own design here.



More info: http://www.e-licktronic.com/en/27-yocto-complet-kit-tr-808-clone-tr808.html