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We talked a little bit with song writer and musician Clarens. Last month we posted his debut video for the single called ‘Trust’.  Don’t sleep on this one, read below…


Modular Magazine: Whos Clarens?

Clarens:  Clarens is a 21-year-old producer and musician from Rennes, France. 

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MM: Tell us a brief story about you?

Clarens: I was a student before earning money as a musician. Between my arrival in Rennes and my first gig with Juveniles, I spent something like three years at University without finishing any of them ! 

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MM: What are your non musical influences?

Clarens: I enjoy photography, and I sometimes watch movies. I listen to my friends too because I love the stories they tell.

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MM: Name 5 songs everyone should listen to.


MM: How did you met with the juveniles guys?

Clarens: Rennes is a small town ! I released a few tracks and remixes under another name back in 2012. Jean Sylvain (from Juveniles) liked them and we met to share ideas, songs etc. He was very interested in what I could bring to his own band. He called me back as he needed a bass player in his band for the next tour.

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MM: Whats your favorite food?

Clarens: All sorts of CHEESE.

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MM: How do you describe your sound ?

Clarens: A friend of mine one day described it as « substep ». I think he’s right !

MM: Prince or Micheal Jackson ?



MM: Whats your favorite piece of gear?

Clarens: I think it’s my Juno 106. I play it both in Juveniles and Clarens.

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MM: Analog or Digital?

Clarens: I don’t care, honestly. I use what I like to make what I like !

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MM: Whats next for Clarens?

Clarens: I’m playing in Rennes at the end of the month, then at Calvi On The Rocks, then back to the studio to record new songs !

1512795_634846663266167_5156316995751737307_n CLARENS - Studio1 © Jean Sylvain Le Gouic

MM: Thank you Clarens.

Photos by Clarens, Jean Sylvain Le Gouic and Benoit Marquette.