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Catch Magic Touch on tour

May 30th Bali @ Metis (DJ)
May 31st Jakarta @ The SafeHouse (LIVE & DJ)

June 6th Hong Kong @ XXX Gallery (W.Hong Kong) (DJ)

June 12th Shanghai @ 390 Club (DJ)
June 13th Beijing @ Dada Bar (LIVE & DJ)
June 14th Shanghai @ Arkham (LIVE)

June 20th Naha Okinawa @ Record & Music Bar “ON” w/ Oorutaichi (LIVE)
June 21st Fukuoka City @ Kieth Flack w/ Oorutaichi (LIVE)
June 22nd Nagasaki @ Big Deal w/ Oorutaichi (LIVE)
June 24th Okayama City @ Pepperland w/ Oorutaichi (LIVE)
June 28th Sendai Miyagi @ Club Shaft w/ Oorutaichi (LIVE)
June 29th Takasaki Gunma @ Woal w/ Oorutaichi (LIVE)
June 30th Tokyo @ Dues Shinjuku w/ Oorutaichi (LIVE & DJ)
July 3rd Tokyo @
July 4th Osaka @ Stomp (LIVE)
July 11th Tokyo @ Amate-Raxi (DJ)