We talked a little bit with producer/dj Knightlife, Check it out…

MM: Where you have been?

KL: I’ve been away for a while. But don’t worry, I’m coming back. I’ve been making an album for the past few months (years) and also moving the entire KL operation (me) to the UK. The whole ‘moving and settling’ thing took much longer than I thought it would. But we’re back on track now. There’s new music on the way, I promise. Hang on just a little longer, please. Please!

MM: Who is Knightlife and how you came up with the name?

KL: The name sort of just happened really. It’s a combination of a few things – the street where I grew up, artists that were/are big influences. As for who Knightlife actually is – nobody knows. Not even me. Actually I do know – but it’s not that interesting.


MM: Tell us a brief story about you?

KL: I studied Film and TV at university. And a lot of my uni friends were making films and needed music for them. I had been dabbling in the dark arts for a little while and just offered to write music for them. Some were good – a lot weren’t. I played a few of the good ones to some DJ friends and they said I should make more, so I did.

MM: What are your non musical influences?

KL: Movies have always been a pretty big influence outside of music. Something about the atmosphere that a great film creates has always intrigued me. How do these guys make entire worlds inside of two hours? It’s something that I’m trying to inject into my music. The whole atmosphere idea. I like films that you can swim around in.

MM: How did you met the Cut Copy guys?

KL: I met them on Myspace. Remember Myspace? I know right. A track I’d made for one of those uni projects got sent to them by a friend of a friend. They liked it enough to want to put it out – and now they own me. It was really that simple. And slightly surreal because I was a huge big fan of theirs and of Cutters Records.

MM: What is best thing of living in Australia?

KL: I actually live in the UK now and really love it. The thing I miss most about Australia is the unique way in which Australians live their lives. The overall attitude I think. It’s something that you only really understand once you’re away from it I think. And it’s not something that you see everywhere. That sounds pretty thoughtful, but it’s not.
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MM: Analog or digital?

KL: Both. All that matters is the end product really. Use what you like to make good music.

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MM: What’s your favorite piece of gear?

KL: I had to leave most of my studio in Melbourne when I moved. Single tear. So back then it was my Yamaha CS-50. It’s essentially the CS-80’s baby brother. But it was too heavy to ship and would probably get trashed in the process. It sounded amazing and you could become Vangelis in about two seconds. Right now, it’s my trusty Moog Voyager. It can do everything. It does all the Moog-ey bass stuff naturally – but can be a real chameleon when you want it to.

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MM: Whats your thoughts on the new EDM wave?

KL: If it gets people listening to your music, then great. But it’s a movement I don’t feel connected to. The dance music I love is as much about the past as it is the future. Deep.

MM: Your remix of Client Liaison’s song sounds quite different from your previous work, is this a glimpse of the new Knightlife sound?

KL: I guess it is, yes. I didn’t think it was that different! I’ve been aiming a little straighter down the line with my new stuff. Not in a ‘trying to dumb it down’ sort of way – just in a ‘less is more’ sort of way. Getting back to basics.

KL: About to mix my first album. Hooray! Should be out in the second half of the year.

MM: Looking forward to your album, Thank you!

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