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We did a little Q&A with musician/visual artist Travis Egedy also know as PICTUREPLANE about his new clothing line called Alien Body, his thoughts on fashion and music.
MM: What is Alien Body and what it means?
TE: Alien Body is an outlet for me to be creative as a designer, and a way for me to input certain ideas and concepts in to a really visible and public arena, like street wear. I really liked the term “body wear”, and Alien Body is just about embracing your alien self.

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MM: Tell us a brief story about you as a designer?

TE: well my background is in painting and fine art, not design. but i have always loved photoshop and working digitally and i have always appreciated design. but i dont consider myself a designer, im just an artist.

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MM: What inspires you in order to design street wear or art?

TE: For the Alien Body stuff, i’ve been really inspired by conspiracy theory and unsolved mysteries, suppressed and hidden knowledge and information, Secret societies and extraterrestrials. and chaos magic. i want to have clothing that touches on subjects like that. its clothing for contemporary street magicians.

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MM: Music or Fashion?

TE: music. always. fashion would be nothing without music.
MM: Does fashion defines a music genre or vice versa ?
TE: music defines most culture in the west. it starts with music.
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MM: Gillian Anderson or Pamela Anderson?
TE: two damn bitches at the same damn time.
MM: Tells us about the use of corporate logos and the esoteric?
TE: I have a deep interest in symbolism, and a lot of people don’t realize that most corporate logos utilize these power symbols from history. these things are hidden in plain view. these corporate entities know what they are doing. it is all about control and power. i want to use their symbols against them. i am interested in the subversion of that power and control. its important to be aware of these things.
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MM: How do you think people would dress in 2054?

TE: i think a lot of our clothing will be functioning machines. extensions of our bodies. i would look more at like the evolution of something like the iphone rather than fashion for that answer. 
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MM: Whats do you think of adverting and marketing?
TE: i love advertising and marketing. but i think its sad that a lot these people coming up with these great ideas to sell people more shit, would probably just be artists if our society was different. its a waste of talent.
MM: Alien or Predator? 
TE: alien
MM: The Internet is a great tool, but in recent years it turned to be sub culture’s worst enemy.  Any thoughts ? 
TE: i don’t think it is sub cultures worst enemy. it has helped a lot of sub culture. and created sub cultures. but it sure is easy to steal peoples ideas, if thats what you are talking about. but that is nothing new, the mainstream always borrows its ideas from the underground, it just happens faster now.
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MM: URL or IRL ?
TE: i sometimes worry that young people are losing the ability to function in the “real world”
What’s new for PICTUREPLANE  and Alien body this year?
TE: i am dropping a new mixtape, a new album, and hopefully doing shows all over the world. i will be doing a lot more alien body designs with Mishka. we are doing a whole line together for 2015


MM: Where people can buy Alien Body?
TE: at the Bullett magazine store in Manhattan, or from my website,
Thanks Travis!
Pictures taken from @_pictureplane_ and Vanessa Irena.